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Promote IT services with explainer videos

How can the IT sector use video?

Explainer videos and testimonial videos are powerful marketing tools that IT companies can use to promote their services, generate new leads and attract new talent.


Promote the IT services you offer with explainer videos. Such a video can showcase services, products and solutions. With an information video you can easily explain complex technological concepts. That makes it easier for potential customers to understand the value your business creates for them. These videos can be used on the company website, social media channels and video sharing websites such as YouTube.


Attract potential customers with testimonial videos. In such a video you show satisfied customers and let them tell you about the collaboration. These videos demonstrate how a service can have a positive impact on the customer's business. These videos are also ideal to distribute on the website and social media.


Attract new talent by showing the company culture and working environment in a testimonial video. In these videos you highlight your mission, the values your company pursues and what a typical working day looks like. This way you give potential new colleagues or employees a glimpse into what it is like to work for your company. In such a video you let your employees speak and tell them about their experience within the company.

Explainer videos are an indispensable tool for IT companies to attract new customers and new talent.

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We'll display some cases to show how we create video for the IT sector.

Teambuilding aftermovie

DataSense - Aftermovie met drone achtervolging in Amsterdam.

View case

IS4U Masterclass

IS4U - Multicam opnames van een een digitale lessen­reeks over cyber­security.

View case

Masterclass Testimonials IS4U

IS4U - Rekruteringsvideo's om de master­classes te promoten.

View case

Shifting Gears

IdentIT - Sales event met inkleding, captatie, aftermovie, fotoshoot en live verbinding.

View case

Aftermovie IdentIT TechTalks

IdentIT - Aftermovie van een bedrijfsevent.

View case

Rekruteringsvideo's IdentIT

IdentIT - Reeks Rekruteringsvideo's die portretten schetsen.

View case

2x promovideo IdentIT

IdentIT - Twee promovideo's met collega's als acteurs.

View case

Raccoons Reimagines

Raccoons Groep - Live­stream bedrijfs­event met testimonials, keynotes en DJ.

View case

TechUniversity I8C

Integrate Consulting - After­movie van een intern bedrijfs­event.

View case

Testimonial DP World

Integrate Consulting - Klanten­testimonial aan de haven van Antwerpen.

View case

DataSight Testimonials

Agiliz & DataSight - Testimonial video's.

View case

Agiliz Testimonials

Agiliz & DataSight - Testimonial video's.

View case

Rekruteringsvideo's M2Q

M2Q - Twee rekruterings­video's voor M2Q

View case

Launch Party Cronos Europa

Cronos Europa - Online bedrijfsvoorstelling met cocktails.

View case

Flex Income Plan Cronos

De Cronos Groep - Explainervideo voor het cafetaria­plan

View case

Kate Auti-Coach

De Cronos Groep - Prikkelvrije informatie­video.

View case

FinOps BLuu

De Cronos Groep - Hybride event in Spoor 18.

View case

Hack The Future

De Cronos Groep - Livestream voor een online event.

View case

Ordr by Headr

Headr - Combinatie van animatie en stockvideo om een bestalplatform te promoten.

View case

Promovideo Orlox

Orlox - Animatievideo die het nut van cybersecurity uitlegd.

View case
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