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Improve patient experience with explainer videos

How can the healthcare sector use video?

Explainer videos are an ideal tool for healthcare centers such as hospitals, doctor's offices, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and home nursing to improve education, promote services and generally improve communication with patients and the community.


Videos can be used to educate patients and families about medical conditions, procedures, treatments and medications. Such informational videos can help patients better understand their medical condition and associated treatment.


Promote a better lifestyle such as healthy eating, regular exercise and combating virus infection. Prevention videos can also be used as internal tools.


The services offered can be made known with explainer videos. As a result, awareness can be increased and new patients can be attracted.


Improve the patient experience by informing them what to expect, what services are available and how to navigate within a campus.


Learn to use new procedures, techniques and devices. With training videos, your staff always stays up-to-date with the latest healthcare innovations.

Explainer videos are an indispensable tool for healthcare centers to better inform patients, promote services and improve the patient experience.

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We'll display some cases to show how we create video for the health sector.

Zorg vs. Zaak

Koninklijk Limburgs Apothekers Verbond - Livestream eindejaarsdebat vanuit de studio.

View case

Promovideo Farmada

Farmada - Promotievideo over de voordelen van Farmada.

View case

Launch webinar Farmada

Farmada - Reeks webinars on-demand.

View case

Launch webinar Care Support

Care Support - Live webinar met intermezzos.

View case


Jessa Ziekenhuis - Fysiek event met digitale interactie.

View case


Jessa Ziekenhuis - Livestream vanuit Via Media met twee decors.

View case


Jessa Ziekenhuis - Hybride event vanuit het zieken­huis op twee locaties.

View case

LOC Symposium

Jessa Ziekenhuis - Digitaal oncologisch symposium.

View case

Kennismakingsvideo Jessa Ziekenhuis

Jessa Ziekenhuis - Interne communicatie

View case

EIT video

Epihunter - Promovideo als pitch.

View case


Vulpia - Fotografie en dronebeelden van alle Vulpia woonzorgcentra in België.

View case
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