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From Idea to Potvos

We've been making video for many years. Founder Tim has been shooting video with one or more cameras as well as experimenting with various technologies since second grade. Exactly 10 years later the name "Potvos" was born. The name and logo have no direct meaning except to show what we stand for: a video experience should be fun! (Perhaps it is also a wordplay on the famous Woestijnvis).

By now we house 13 years of video experience within Potvos. Our first recording studio "Oranjeboom" was our home place during the Corona pandemic, in the center of Hasselt. A year later this was upgraded to the Via Media Studios in the former TVL building on the Kinepolis site in Hasselt. In the meantime, you can find Potvos at the Corda Campus in Hasselt, the technology center in Limburg.

Potvos video not only has a unique name, but also a special approach. In our Hasselt production house, we believe that making video, in whatever form, should be professional but above all fun. We are masters at analyzing technical challenges and coming up with the most appropriate (video) solution, as well as implementing and providing remote support. We also use technology to create customized video solutions, such as temporary or permanent digital signage, speaker support during events and digital experiences as an extra layer on physical or hybrid events.

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